In this recap, we’ll explore findings presented in a recent webinar with Atlassian and Forrester Consulting: Total Economic Impact of Jira Service Management. This in-depth study of Atlassian’s ITSM platform spans real-world applications across industries including software, recruiting, retail, healthcare, and energy – all while also assessing the impact on varying employee headcounts – from 800 all the way up to 171,000. 

In addition to IT use cases, the study also revealed a host of benefits and productivity gains for teams outside IT, including; HR, marketing, and legal teams looking to manage requests, centralize knowledge, and improve service delivery.

The overall impact of Jira Service Management on enterprises at a glance:

  • A total ROI of 277%
  • $4.2m in total benefits
  • $2.0m in savings by retiring their previous ITSM solution

(For the report, Forrester created a composite organization by aggregating data from Atlassian customers to calculate an average three-year impact from Jira Service Management)

Now let’s dive into the top 5 ways Jira Service Management could impact your company.

#1: Improved Service Desk Productivity

  • ⏱️Reduction in ticket volume due to end-user self-service
  • 🚪Reduced triage and a more direct escalation path
  • ⏩Faster request fulfillment through reduced context switching and more available information
  • 🏆Total 3-year PV of $1.4m

This ITSM upgrade provided the businesses in the study with a thorough, yet accessible, self-service resource center which single-handedly reduced service requests by 10%. This level of service desk productivity also decreased overall agent handling time by an average of 15%.

We had 70% SLA [before] with the change of the tool [to Jira Service Management and] the support of the director and all the managers, we reached 98% to 99% accomplished [within] SLA”

– IT support engineer, energy
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#2: Improved End-User Productivity

  • ⏳5 minutes saved per employee request
  • ⌚Less end-user time spent looking for help or waiting for resolutions
  • 🔎Increased visibility with real-time updates
  • 🏆Total 3-year PV of $408k

The easier-to-use interface partnered with a robust knowledge base lessened the need for troubleshooting and drove an overall boost to customer satisfaction. By leveraging an optimized IT service management tool, employees now experience far less time awaiting IT solutions further allowing for that space to drive innovation.

The customer portal and the agent portal are simpler and easier to work with than our previous solution.” 

– IT support engineer, energy

#3: Improved IT Ops Productivity

  • 📟Reduced time getting to the root cause of problems, responding to incidents, and streamlining change approvals
  • 🗓️25% decrease in change approval time and 115 hours saved per month for IT Operations
  • 🌳With increased visibility and collaboration, teams made better decisions and minimized risk
  • 🏆Total 3-year PV of $74k

This greater visibility allowed IT to handle problems before they could snowball. By having the ability to take initiative and prevent issues from forming, they were able to buy more time for themselves to strategize and improve IT Ops productivity.

A benefit of Jira Service Management’s problem management is the ability to link multiple incidents to a problem, keep the problem open for a few months to make sure it happened once and it didn’t happen again. Did we fix it and actually have time to validate the fix through problem management?”

– Executive consultant, operations and customer support, software

#4: Improved Engineer and Decision-Maker Resource Productivity

  • 🎟️Agents resolved more tickets at the first call and fewer tickets were rerouted
  • 🤖Automatic routing based on keywords also kept requests from being unnecessarily assigned to engineers
  • 📋Admins and various team leads saved time through better permissions mgmt and fewer requests reaching their level
  • 🏆Total 3-year PV of $152k

This greater visibility across the organization unified engineers and decision-makers through Jira software allowing for better communication and a more efficient system that could handle a significant portion of tickets before they would ever have to reach the engineers.

The communication piece between the engineering tower and operational towers is a lot more collaborative and you can do it all within the tool.”

– Manager of store and support tool engineering, retail

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#5: Improved Cost Savings and Efficiencies from Retiring Previous Solutions

  • 🗄️Elimination of legacy service management solutions, reduction in license and maintenance costs
  • ⏳Average deployment time between 4-6 months for Jira Service Management
  • More organized change management practices reduced wasted work
  • 🏆Total 3-year PV of $2.0m  

By consolidating their ITSM tools with Jira software, these companies were able to retire older legacy solutions and their surrounding costs allowing for greater visibility into the cost-benefits and risks of expenditures across the organization.

Within the first week of working with our implementation partner, we already had projects and workflows built… it was so easy to implement”

– Manager of store and support tool engineering, retail

BONUS: The Qualitative Benefits of Jira Service Management 

Now that we’ve reviewed the top 5 improvements that Jira Service Management offers for enterprises, it’s time to jump into the additional qualitative benefits discovered over the course of the study.

Forrester discovered that the composite organization also improved:

  • 👓 visibility & consistency across team performance & reporting
  • 🛠️ stability & scalability
  • 🤝 cross-functional alignment
  • 🛟 revenue loss avoidance
  • 🪪 confidence in data security
  • 😀 customer & employee experience
  • ⏩ business team productivity & velocity


If you’d like to learn more about how Jira Service Management can accelerate service delivery in your enterprise, you can watch Forrester’s webinar on demand here. For additional statistics including background on the study’s process, we invite you to download the PDF of Forrester’s full report The Total Economic Impact of Jira Service Management

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5 ways Jira Service Management could change your enterprise