We’re excited to announce a new login-free portal, multi language support, and a new customer service template.

Request help without having to create an account

Now your team can provide great customer service to new customers: They no longer have to go through hoops in order to request help.

With a login-free portal, customers can send requests and read help articles without having to create or remember another login. When customers send your team a request, all they need to provide is an email address so they can receive updates. After they send the request, they can follow its progress via email notifications, or finish setting up an account to follow along in the portal.

Jira Service Desk is now in 8 languages

We’re excited to announce language support within Jira Service Desk, where you can create and manage customer facing translations both within the customer portal and email notifications.

Customer service is all about empowering customers to resolve problems. And all of us, really, have the same goal: for customers to have the best experience. Language support is an obvious way to make the customer experience excellent. Use it within the customer portal and translate customer emails in up to 8 languages. Delight them with an experience in their language: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, and Japanese.

Jump on board and join hundreds who are already using a multilingual Jira Service Desk to give great support to their global customers.

Check out these examples:

The customer experience

When raising a request, the portal’s language changes depending on the customer’s preferred language.

Set up your customer portal in 8 new languages

Similarly, when raising a request with email, the customer receives an email depending on their language preference.

This means that you can improve the customer experience for better satisfaction and retention rates. It’s also easier for your team to expand into new markets with the same Jira Service Desk offering. Take over (allthethings)!

The admin experience

We know the challenges of supporting customers spread across regions and languages. This is why we’ve made it easy to manage translations all in the same spot.

Configuring all translations for your customer portal and emails in the same section

You can keep track of these translations. Each time you make a change in your project default language, you get reminded to review your translations and know exactly what to check.

Get started now by setting up multiple languages for your Jira Service Desk to improve your customer satisfaction and expand your target market. To find out more about this feature, check out our documentation or take it for a test drive on your Jira Service Desk project.

Set up your service desk with languages

A customer service template to help you get started faster

Over 60% of our customers use Jira Service Desk to deliver great customer service. Whether your team is small or large, we want to make sure you give your customers the best experience. That’s why we’re introducing two features to make service easier:

  • A customer service template to help your team get started faster
  • An login-free portal so your customers can get help without a login

With the customer service template, you’re just one click away from being ready to receive tickets from your customers. Designed from our own research and industry best practices, the template is based on how successful customer service teams set up their own Jira Service Desk projects.

Example of a customer service portal created with the customer service template

The template includes:

  • 7 request types to help your customers get technical support, report bugs, make suggestions, and more
  • Workflows for requests, bug reports, and new features
  • 8 reports to help you measure your team’s performance

Want to see this in action? Create a project using the new template to see what it can do.

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