Indeed will be joining us to tell their Jira success story in our upcoming May 26 webinar. Read on for a sneak peek of their story and register for the webinar below.

Indeed is the world’s number-one job website focused on connecting employers to job seekers and helping users find the right job. We all know Jira was built for software teams, so when Indeed started using Jira, it was their software team who adopted the tool first (indeed).

But as Indeed’s engineering teams got faster and more efficient with their work, Renee Trepagnier, Director of Program Management, and her team believed that other teams could benefit from the Jira goodness. Renee is in charge of making sure that all of Indeed’s teams are working as efficiently as possible, and she oversees a growing team of program managers who must do the same for the functional areas in the organization they manage.

Indeed not only has extended Jira’s use to HR, but also to their marketing and legal teams. They adopted Jira best practices from their software teams, and applied them to their business teams to help work get done as efficiently as possible.

For example, Indeed’s HR team wanted a better, more efficient way to track personnel details. Too much of this information lived in email, and they wanted to log it into Jira. To do this, they cleverly equated Jira issues types to users. Then they further customized to match the organization’s request needs to add user, change user, remove user, or general requests and tasks.

Now, they use Jira to record information about new hires, employee role changes, and much more. Each significant update to the status of an employee is accurately tracked.

Jira Core Issue Types

Indeed also customized their HR workflow to track work and ensure that people who need to do the work accept the task. This has been optimized over time to follow their philosophy of the path of least resistance.

Jira Core HR workflow
Customizing Jira Core to suit the needs of your team can be simple. To learn more about how to implement Jira Core for your business teams, join our webinar and get more insight into how Renee Trepagnier from Indeed, Ben McChesney from Helios Interactive, and Radek Orszewski and Rachel Gillis customized Jira for their teams.

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