A year ago, we redesigned Jira into 3 purpose-built experiences: Jira Software for software teams, Jira Service Desk for IT teams, and Jira Core for business teams. The reason for this change was two-fold: to deliver a better Jira experience based on team type and, as in the case of Jira Core, to give non-software teams a Jira just for them – since that’s what these teams were doing anyway. That is, using Jira for managing projects for teams such as marketing, HR, operations, legal, finance, and more.

We have amazing customers using Jira Core. For example, check out how Lufthansa Systems is using Jira Core for not just one team but multiple Lufthansa Systems teams – marketing, HR, information securities. They’re taking advantage of the Jira Core features that were made for teams like theirs.

Seeing is believing with Jira Core boards

Feedback is essential for making great products, and in the year since we launched Jira Core we’ve received loads of it. We listened, and discovered the #1 feature request was boards for business projects. So today we’re proud to announce that boards are available in Jira Core cloud instances. Boards are a visual, more tangible way for your team to work together. We built these boards to create an experience that fits the needs of business teams.

If you have a Jira Software cloud instance, you inherently have Jira Core. As an admin, with the ability to create projects, you’re actually implementing Jira Core when you create a new business project.

If you have a Jira cloud instance and are using business projects, you may have noticed this on your sidebar: jiracore-blog-600x-detail-300x105 When a Jira admin creates a new business project, a board is automatically created. We started this a few months ago to gather feedback and make sure we were building the features business users want most. Now all business projects, new and old, have boards.



Jira Core business project boards automatically reflect your defined workflow giving your business users a clear view of their work. Keep in mind, sometimes the default board column order is not exactly ideal for how your team works. No worries! A Jira admin can re-order the columns to the team’s liking.

At a glance, boards provide team members with a view of all the tasks in their project. Like other Jira boards, end-users can easily transition a task from one status to another. These tasks contain key information that business users need:

jiracore-blog-600x-koalaWhat: Name of the task, otherwise known as Summary
Who: Assignee – who’s working on the task
When: Due date – red text means it’s due today or it’s past due
Where: Unique Jira task identifier

Also, there are 3 quick ways to filter your tasks on the board by:

  • Assigned to me (That’s you!)
  • Due this week (Your team needs to work on these now!)
  • Keyword ( Type one in and check out the results)

These are unique features to these boards.

Within the board, users can prioritize tasks within each column status by moving them up and down. This way they can see the most important tasks on top.

These features were built for two simple reasons: 1) you wanted them, and 2) because they represent key elements business teams need. Now you have a clear visual way to manage tasks, which frees up valuable time to focus on work.

But wait, there’s mobile

In addition to boards, Jira for iPhone and Jira for Android* are now available for download for Jira Core cloud users. That’s right, as an *added bonus*, Jira Core business project boards aren’t only viewable on your laptop… but when you’re on the go, too!

So, when you need to step away from your laptop and run to a meeting, or run to catch your train… no worries. The new mobile apps ensure you’re as connected to your team as you want to be.

ios_animated_whiteThe Jira for iPhone and Jira for Android* mobile apps give you the features you need to keep work moving forward.

  • Check the progress of your project on a Jira Core board just like you see it on your laptop
  • Leave comments and immediately provide feedback so your opinion is recorded in a timely manner
  • Receive notifications when a task needs your attention, or @mention team members when you need theirs
  • Search, transition, update, and add photos or videos to any task

Working on the go helps prevent team bottlenecks and delays. With the Jira mobile apps, team members can continue working in the same way they do on a laptop.

Download the mobile app today.

download_on_the_app_store_badge-small google_badge-small

                             *Note: Jira for Android is in beta.

Want to hear more about Jira Core?

Going to Atlassian summit? Check out the Jira Core talk: (Re)Discover Jira Core: Tricks That Make a BIG Difference. And don’t forget to come by the Jira Core booth and say hi to the team.


Watch the Jira Core demo video

Jira Core means business: introducing boards and mobile apps