Jira goodness isn’t just for software teams, and neither is Confluence. All teams need to plan, track, and collaborate on projects. That’s why we built Jira Core: to make Jira simpler for all business teams. And by using Jira Core and Confluence together, teams like HR teams can create workflows and documentation that encourage better collaboration across the entire company.

But there’s something else: many Atlassian customers don’t realize there are loads of add-ons and integrations within our marketplace, with several designed specifically to help HR departments run like the proverbial well-oiled machine. Using these Confluence and Jira plug-ins, an HR department can create a unique, customized central system that will blow the doors off once-cumbersome HR processes.

Here’s a list of the top five add-ons to help HR teams:

HR Workflows Bundle_img

HR Workflows Bundle

This plug-in bundle from Valiantys includes a preconfigured set of HR workflows to get started faster. AND it’s free. This bundle allows HR departments to maximize the efficiency of Jira by providing workflows for the major HR processes including:

  • Onboarding and offboarding – employees will be ready to hit the ground running with the starter workflow that includes pre-employment checks and access grants. With the leaver workflow, an HR team can easily stay up to date and track the offboarding process, which can include sensitive subjects.
  • Vacation tracking – makes it easy for employees to submit and track PTO requests and provides the right data to hiring managers that need to approve or deny those requests.
  • Personal details – lets employees use Jira to notify the HR team of changes to personal details, like change of address or marital status.


UpRaise for Employee Success

This add-on from Amoeboids Technologies brings functionality and features that assist in employee recognition, goal alignment, and performance reviews using Jira. Features include:

  • Collect 360º continuous feedback – lets employees submit feedback, request feedback from other members of their team, and enables the HR department to customize this process.
  • Manage performance reviews – provides customizable forms, companywide status overviews, and easy access for team members and managers on next steps.
  • Painless Service Desk Integration – includes a deep integration with Jira that allows the HR team to collect feedback from customer portals and customize those forms with customizable service desk tags.



This Confluence add-on enables hiring managers and HR teams to collect direct feedback from an employee’s subordinates, peers, and supervisor(s), as well as process self-evaluations. This assessment is conducted anonymously, and the results are only available to the person who administered the assessment (an HR person) and the employee who was being evaluated. This feature creates simplicity in a process that has often been messy and unorganized.

Calamari_imgCalamari Connector for Jira

Calamari, brought to you by CHROBRUS, is an easy to use smart leave management system that automates the flow of leave requests and absence entitlement calculations. This add-on includes a multi-level approval process workflow, automatic leave calculation and absence pool estimation, and enforces compliance with attendance policies, paid time off tracking, and reporting internationally. In addition, Calamari has a tight integration with Google that allows users to import PTO sign on for Google Apps and synchronize with Google Calendar.

RefinedWiki_imgRefinedWiki Original Theme

This Confluence add-on from RefinedWiki helps users brand and design Confluence pages to make them more user friendly and effective for non-technical users. HR departments can use it with Confluence as a way to house important information as a wiki or Intranet and collect feedback on the information housed there. By customizing the wiki template and workflows, HR departments can increase the adoption rate and the efficiency in onboarding and review process, as well as divide content into relevant and intuitive sections. They can also customize dashboards to promote more collaboration and transparency. The Marketplace offers other theme press options including Brikit Theme Press for Confluence.

Now HR teams are free to focus more on people, not paperwork

Today’s HR folks have to be highly organized and super collaborative to meet big-time goals. In many ways, the HR department is the lifeblood of a company. They’re responsible for attracting and retaining a company’s number one asset: people. And it’s a tough job. It’s challenging to stay on top of recruiting, changing schedules, job descriptions, performance reviews, and more. Using Jira Core and Confluence along with the add-ons above, HR teams can create workflows, documentation, and encourage better collaboration across the entire company. It frees the team from cumbersome processes and lets them focus on hiring, company culture, and employee happiness.

5 Jira and Confluence plug-ins your HR team will love