We remain fanatical about our customers in this time of crisis. Watching how you are using Halp to power the move to remote while still supporting your end-users is nothing short of inspirational. We’re staying busy shipping features that can make this transition even easier. Show your support for your favorite new feature by clicking the headlines and retweeting the featured tweet. For every retweet, we’ll give away swag to that lucky customer. Make sure you’re following us so we can DM you your winnings!

Request tickets on behalf of others

As agents, you’re often one step ahead of your end-user, creating tickets *for* them so that you can get to work. You can now edit the requester to be someone other than yourself in a drop-down field during ticket creation. This way, the end-user is looped in from the start and, as the reporting agent, you won’t be talking to yourself. We’ve done enough of that already this month…

Default to private messages 

Tired of using the emoji on all your internal comms? Teams can default to private messages and use the (:mega:) emoji to send messages to customers. Now your ops teams can communicate even more securely and avoid that awkward slip up when Chad from sales got the wrong message

Closing ticket permissions

Every team has their own way of interacting with users on tickets. Today, we’ve released a new setting in Halp’s “General” settings that allows teams to toggle whether or not they want end-users to have the ability to close tickets.

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Halp’s March 2020 product updates: new ways to request tickets