Why use Docker for your Data Center Deployment

Enterprises have a tendency to accumulate operational overhead as their teams, product offerings, and infrastructure complexity grows. At the same time, the agility of the modern-day enterprise is key to its success, since it directly impacts organizational efficiency and competitive advantage. That’s why we’ve released Atlassian-supported and maintained Docker container images, so you can easily standardize across your deployment, regardless of what hardware you’re using. Including Docker as part of your Data Center deployment reduces overhead spent on provisioning, updating, and maintaining your instances, and ultimately helps facilitate this necessary agility as you scale.

Agility for scale

Building properly integrated staging environments is critical to ensuring a bug-free deployment, but it’s no easy task to maintain long-term, especially across multiple instances. Whether you’re spinning up a local development environment or testing the latest software version before pushing it to production, it’s important to keep all of these isolated environments in sync and patched with the latest updates to assure all systems are secure and operating consistently. Unfortunately, this process is time-consuming and prone to error when managed manually, and can result in downtime or increase the risk of shipping faulty code into production. Additionally, configuring newly procured infrastructure can be a monotonous exercise in reverse engineering your organization’s current setup.

How to choose the right infrastructure for your Data Center deployment

However, using our Docker container images as part of your Data Center deployment allows you to cut significant time by streamlining and automating these tedious workflows. After defining your required configuration once, you can instantly deploy exact replicas of your environment from the command line at every stage of your deployment lifecycle, giving you the agility needed to keep valuable work moving forward, and the flexibility to accommodate your organization’s evolving development strategy over time.

Mitigate risks, simplify administration

Administration is a breeze when the specifics of your configurations are defined and stored in one central place and easily replicated across all your instances. Even a change as drastic as completely switching operating systems from one to another can be done on the same day with minimal time and effort. Maintaining the security of the tools that allow your organization to get work done is a critical component to the business, and often requires urgent attention to mitigate risks. When you need to make changes in access policies or implement new compliance protocols, these mission-critical updates can be made in one place and programmatically applied across every instance. This eliminates the need to duplicate effort or work around environment-specific nuances to comprehensively secure your organization’s collection of instances. Not only does this allow you to maintain a single source of truth for your deployment and production environments, but it enables you to easily customize them to fit your organization’s unique requirements.

Consistency across the board

As enterprises grow, become more geo-distributed, and involve multiple lines of business, they inevitably encounter dissonance between setups, and headaches for admins at scale. Docker’s standardization enables admin teams to achieve true operational parity across environments, meaning admins can spend more time optimizing their instances, and less time addressing defects from infrastructure discrepancies. Ultimately, by including Docker in your deployment lifecycle, you gain consistency across your various dependencies and configurations, all while remaining hardware agnostic. By leveraging our base Docker images and defining your instance’s configuration on top of them, you can rest assured that every one of your environments can be reliably identical and on target, regardless of the hardware or hosting infrastructure.

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Why use Docker for your Data Center Deployment