Typically, this time of year is brimming with activity centered around massive conferences where industry comrades can engage face-to-face. We get super excited about meeting our customers and helping real-life teams do their best work, but in the face of a global pandemic, the health and safety of our customers and employees come first. So we made the difficult decision to suspend our annual user conference and hold our first-ever Remote Summit.

In doing so, we reimagined Summit as a free event, and reached roughly four times as many individuals than we’ve been able to with our traditional in-person event – a silver lining in a time of chaos. But we understand that not everyone could attend, or was able to consume all of the material they would have liked. We know that many of you turn to Summit to discover critical information to help your enterprises, so we pulled together an “enterprise top hits” collection for your reading and viewing pleasure. Below, you’ll find three must-watch presentations covering everything from the vision of our Data Center offerings to best practices, tips, and tricks to get the most from our products.

Reimagining our products

Junie Dinda and Alison Huselid

Junie Dinda, Head of Marketing, Server, Data Center, and Jira Align at Atlassian

Alison Huselid, Head of Product, Server, and Data Center at Atlassian

Atlassian Data Center: building for change and scale

Even if you caught this presentation the first time around, we recommend watching it again, because it’s packed with exciting information, major announcements, and blockbuster-level performance stats (think Jira boards that are almost 15 percent faster and Bitbucket cloning and fetching capabilities that are two to five times faster).

To our Data Center customers: we hear you. Building on your feedback, we’ve identified new opportunities to meet your needs, with features to help you comply with new security regulations, scale or enhance the security of user management capabilities, and improve support for distributed teams. We’ve made a number of changes over the past year to evolve Data Center from a clustered deployment solution into a self-managed enterprise edition focusing on expanded value propositions. 

Data Center has evolved beyond its original focus of performance, scalability, and availability to a more comprehensive enterprise edition:

Data Center's evolving focus

Building on these announcements, one of the most recent (and potentially most significant) changes to our product line is that clustering is now an optional feature of Data Center. This means you can run Data Center with the exact same architecture you’re currently using in Server – simply drop in your new license key and upgrade in two minutes or less. Then get to work tackling your high-priority initiatives with instant access to enterprise features.

How our customers are leveraging Data Center

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen and discover how two industry-leading customers have leveraged Data Center to help them meet their business priorities and mission-critical initiatives.

How to clean up your instance without losing your damn mind

Alex Christensen. Lead Atlassian Suite Engineer at AppDynamics

Alex Christensen, Lead Atlassian Suite Engineer at AppDynamics

Cleanliness is king. Whether it’s a car engine or an application instance, the cleaner something is, the better it operates, and the easier it is to maintain. However, as enterprise instances often pass through multiple hands, many admins find themselves inheriting messy instances and are left trying to figure out how they work, tidy them up, and maintain good “Atlassian hygiene.”

Learn how Alex and the team at AppDynamics keep their instance sparkling, and how you can too. With shared best practices to identify major pain points, how to get the quickest value, and preventative measures to keep your instance clean, you’ll walk away with an essential set of tools.

Too big to fail: scaling systems the smart way at Splunk

Greg Warner, Senior Atlassian Administrator at Splunk

Greg Warner, Senior Atlassian Administrator at Splunk

Growth and scale: two things every enterprise strives to do successfully. While these are often positive attributes, and typically mean you are doing something right, they don’t come without their fair share of challenges. For Splunk, the growth they’ve experienced – both organically and through acquisitions – has been rapid and made the process of scaling their systems trickier than they’d like. Sound familiar?

Deploying Data Center applications has provided Splunk the ability to scale with confidence and maintain the availability of mission-critical tools. Greg Warner, Senior Atlassian Administrator at Splunk, shares powerful insights on what has allowed them to be successful, including important attributes to test, automate, and measure for a successful operation of deployments; configuration and deployment techniques; and infrastructure and application performance monitoring. Don’t miss out on insights from an Atlassian admin pro.

Catch him during a live webinar presentation where you can ask Greg questions directly. Register for the webinar now.

Server and Data Center highlights from Remote Summit 2020