The need for efficient and effective collaboration is greater now than ever before. Every enterprise faces new challenges that defy conventional wisdom and demand unprecedented reliability, security, and scale. Every team needs the ability to respond quickly to change, and to access their work from anywhere.

Atlassian is rising to meet that need, with Atlassian Cloud Enterprise – our most advanced cloud offering – delivering security, compliance, privacy, and administration at enterprise scale.

Modern enterprises have their work cut out for them. Their teams often span the globe, yet business goals and objectives often require close alignment and real-time collaboration. IT must deliver on a wide variety of needs for those teams, while managing a technology stack that has never been more diverse. They need powerful tools that enable end-to-end visibility and insight into the complexity of their business, while letting their teams become more agile.

Enter Atlassian Cloud Enterprise. Spanning Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence Cloud, the Cloud Enterprise plan is specifically designed for the needs of global enterprises. It allows teams to confidently scale Atlassian in the cloud, with complete control for admins, enhanced security and governance, and top-tier problem resolution from our dedicated, senior support team.

Cloud Enterprise offers unlimited flexibility to scale the collaboration needs of teams across your global organization. Enable the highest level of productivity for your employees by allowing admins to assign users to an unlimited amount of instances in your environment with a single user license, while getting global oversight from a central place.

Security is woven into the fabric of our cloud products. The Cloud Enterprise plan includes Atlassian Access, enabling seamless integration with your existing security tools and processes like two-step verification, enforced password policies, SSO, audit logs, API token controls, and more.

Cloud Enterprise meets the highest bar for personal data protection with encryption in transit and at rest, and is compliant with data privacy obligations across the globe, including SOC2, SOC3, GDPR, RTBF, and more.

The Cloud Enterprise plan also enables organizations to implement a strong change-management strategy. Deep organizational insights and features, like sandbox and release tracks, give enterprises the ability to test updates and new capabilities in a controlled environment for two weeks to better prepare for rollout.

Enterprise support is included; our highly trained support professionals will be ready to help ensure a smooth transition to the cloud and share their expertise to help you reach your goals. And with thousands of Marketplace apps and guaranteed integrations with many other essential enterprise SaaS tools, you can create the ideal ecosystem for your organization.

This new plan includes:

  • Unlimited users: No matter how quickly you need to scale your Atlassian product, the enterprise plan supports unlimited users in the cloud.
  • Centralized user billing: Assign users to an unlimited number of instances in your environment with a single user license, making billing more transparent and ensuring cost-effectiveness across your company.
  • Release tracks: Get admin controls to delay the rollout of upcoming cloud releases to end users for a limited time.
  • Sandbox: Create a safe and isolated environment for developers and admins to test apps and preview new features without impacting the production environment.
  • Data Residency: Decide where a subset of your data, such as tickets and pages, is hosted across our data regions in the US or EU, to better meet your business needs.
  • Reliability: Our around-the-clock 99.95 percent uptime SLA is financially backed with service-level credits.
  • Dedicated Support: Get our highest priority 24/7 support, with 30-minute response times for critical issues from our senior support team.
  • Atlassian Access: Achieve enterprise-grade security and centralized administration across all your Atlassian cloud products.

Atlassian is continuing to invest heavily in scaling our cloud offerings to give our customers the tools they need to power their teams, and to evolve to meet the demands of the future. Learn more about Cloud Enterprise, and sign up for the early access program to trial the new plan.

Rising to the occasion in the cloud