As an organization grows and transforms, so do its applications and user base — but it doesn’t stop there. The number of instances you have to manage grows too, and some of our customers manage as many as fifty. Whether it’s triggered by a merger, an acquisition, organizational changes, or plain old user growth, user management at scale calls for an enterprise-grade single sign-on solution. That’s why we’re proud to share Crowd 3.4, featuring SSO 2.0 for Crowd Data Center. With SS0 2.0, you can easily enable single sign-on across multiple domains; you’ll find it easier to configure; and the user experience will be as seamless and secure as ever, with features like one common login page and authorization testing.

But let’s take a closer look at these new features.

Multi-domain access

We’re seeing more and more customers centralize processes in order to to gain visibility across the many layers of their businesses. Not only do they see benefits from increased IT efficiency, but they also recognize the advantages of centralizing the administrative experience to mitigate support needs. However, a challenging byproduct can be thousands of projects spanning multiple instances in separate domains.

With multi-domain access, users and admins alike can use SSO across different domains, no matter where they’re deployed or what team they’re on. This means avoiding roadblocks across function, region, or subsidiary, and getting through your work faster.

A better user experience

The crux of SSO will always be a seamless user experience for both admins and end users. SSO 2.0 for Crowd offers this and more, with improvements to configuration, new capabilities like third-party integrations, and an optimized login process.

You can now configure SSO in just four clicks. We’ve eliminated any potential interruptions caused by lengthy restarts or the need to modify any files within Atlassian products during the configuration process.Admins will now enjoy the same configuration experience for Crowd and all Atlassian Server and Data Center products. 

We’ve also made it easier to integrate third-party or custom apps into Crowd for authentication by connecting to major identity providers that implement the SAML 2.0 specifications, including but not limited to Microsoft Azure AD, Microsoft ADFS, OneLogin, OKTA and PingOne. This means easier access to all of your go-to add-ons.

Last but not least, users have one common login page to access all applications that are connected to Crowd Data Center.

Another new feature: Users are now able to check the “Remember Me” box to make logging in even simpler.

Additional layers of security

Speaking of “Remember Me,” we’ve baked in some added security measures to mitigate any potential risks. We’ve updated the “Remember Me” settings so that you can quickly clear out any cookies and be prepared in the event of a security breach. Similarly, you have the option to test the authorization before enabling it for everyone. This doesn’t just save time, but also gives you more control and confidence that your content is secure before setting it live for all users.

Experience SSO 2.0 for yourself

Built with the enterprise in mind, SSO 2.0 takes single sign-on to the next level, making it easier to manage, more fluid, and more secure than ever. If you’d like to learn more about what’s built into the Crowd 3.4 release, check out the release notes here. If you are a Crowd Data Center customer, you can download the latest version here. The SSO 2.0 functionality is available for Crowd Data Center only, so if you are a Crowd Server customer or new to Crowd altogether and would like to take it for a spin, you can get started below: 

Try it now

Built for the enterprise: Crowd’s new single sign-on (SSO) experience