With the release of Confluence Server 6.2 you can start collaborating sooner by inviting your team to edit a page, see if we speak your language with 4 new European language packs, and test-drive your AWS hosted Data Center instance with a new set of performance measurement tools. Read on to learn more.

Start collaborating sooner

We know how tough it can be to maintain efficiency on a project when working with multiple contributors. Coordination of edits and a disjointed review process can lead to confusion and lapsed deadlines, drawing out a deliverable much further than when it’s needed. In 6.0, we introduced a way for teams to collaborate at the same time, and in 6.1 we improved its overall performance. Now we’re expanding on those efforts to make it easy and convenient for users to invite teammates to collaborate together, in real time.

Invite your team to edit with you

Have you ever wanted a second or third pair of eyes to help you build the best page possible? Confluence has now made it easier to invite teammates to collaborate on a page without ever leaving the editor. You can invite people by name, email address, or even invite a whole group and they’ll get a notification to take them straight into the editor. Also, you can grab the link and share it via chat or text – whatever’s best.

Need input from your team before a page or blog post is published but having trouble encouraging them to take part in the process? Don’t restrict, publish and send it to your team, invite them straight into the editor, and publish when you’re ready to unleash it to the world.

Expedite permission and restriction lag time

For the times where your content is confidential and restrictions are required, you can still invite people to edit with you. They’ll be able to request access to the page and, once the request is approved, jump straight into the editor. We also improved how permissions work. If you’re invited to edit a page but don’t have permission, we automatically provide you with a list of admins who can grant you access. With these improvements, you and your team can move fast while keeping your content secure.

Now we’re speaking your language

With such a broad and diverse customer base across the world, we know how important it is to provide a familiar experience for all of our users. Because of this, we’re always looking for ways to improve our translations. With a focus on consistency, grammar, and natural flow, we’ve made it a priority to expand our language offerings so that users can get on with creating and collaborating.

In Confluence 6.2 we’ve improved our translations for French, German, Russian, and Spanish, while adding brand new packs for:

  • Finnish
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Romanian

We’re excited to continue to expand our translation capability, so expect to see more language improvements and additional languages over the next few releases.

Test-drive your AWS hosted Data Center instances

In Confluence 6.1 we released an Amazon Quick Start that made getting Data Center up and running in AWS a breeze. Now we’re rolling out the Atlassian Performance Testing Framework for Confluence (originally developed for Bitbucket as the Elastic Experiment Executor), to help take the mystery out of planning and sizing your AWS hosted Data Center infrastructure. For those who have wanted to mimic real-life Confluence behavior in order to plan ahead for performance capacity, these performance management tools will be just what the doctor ordered.

Simply put, you’ll have the option to specify different versions of Confluence and/or number of nodes, and voilà: the framework will spin up a Data Center instance and generate a series of graphs, charts, and reports that you can use to compare throughput, response times, and other vital statistics side-by-side.

Find out more about the Performance Testing Framework here https://bitbucket.org/atlassian/elastic-experiment-executor/overview.

In addition to everything mentioned above, we’ve made some changes to improve the quality and stability of Confluence, from addressing LDAP synchronization issues to stabilizing macro performance. On the whole, there’s never been a better time to upgrade Confluence, and you can read more about what’s new in the release notes here, or press the big green button below if you’re ready to upgrade now.

Have more questions about Performance Testing Framework? Ask your peers on the Atlassian Community!

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