There are those of you who love to be mobile but can’t fathom typing more than 50 characters on your phone. This week we’re introducing Confluence Cloud for iPad, for anyone who would love to create content on their mobile device but prefers a larger screen. Now you can type or review Confluence pages on your iPad from the comfort of a couch or while riding a commuter train. Of course you get all the useful functionality of the iPhone app: notifications, search, comments, browsing, but in a format designed specifically for your iPad. Yes!

The Confluence Cloud app also works great with the Jira Cloud app, so you can link to tickets and move seamlessly between your issues and documents when you’re on the go. Split the screen to see both apps at once and maximize your efficiency.

Check out the “Confluence pages for today” widget

Want to be better prepared for meetings? The “Confluence pages for today” widget could be just what your productivity doctor ordered.

In addition to the iPad app, this new Confluence feature will be especially handy… in your hand? (Mobile humor.) But if you’ve ever arrived at a meeting only to realize there was pre-reading (and who hasn’t), this widget will help you stay prepared and eliminate having to bluff your way through something like fiscal year planning.

The Confluence pages for today widget for iOS and Android looks at your calendar and serves up linked Confluence pages that are included as attachments from your meeting and event invites, so you’ll know that pre-reading is included before the meeting starts.

Adding the widget is easy. Just go to Settings in your Confluence Cloud app and choose “Today Widget,” and the app will walk you through the rest. Meeting prep: Done.

Whiteboard sessions or anything else. . . captured!

We have a little something extra for our Android users. Question: does your team get so fired up by an idea that someone suddenly grabs a pen and starts writing on a whiteboard? Don’t leave all those great ideas to be erased, or painstakingly transcribed from the board, or lost on someone’s phone and in someone’s email. Now, after you snap a few pictures you can upload them straight to your meeting Confluence page.

By using your phone’s camera and the Confluence Cloud app for Android, your dynamic whiteboard session pictures are captured directly from Confluence and when published posted immediately to pages to share and discuss.

Note: This feature is now available for Android and will be coming soon for iOS devices.

More in the pipeline, stay tuned!

It’s been just over a year since we announced our Confluence mobile app. Thanks to the thousands of you who have downloaded Confluence Cloud this year and are taking advantage of its personalized notifications, handy search and browse capabilities, and create and comment features to help you and your team keep work moving forward.

It’s early days in our mobile development, but there’s a lot more in the pipeline! We’re excited to continue enabling our users to get work done, wherever they are.

Don’t have the Confluence Cloud app, or wanna try out the iPad app? Click here to download today!

Introducing Confluence Cloud for iPad...