I don’t know if you’ve heard, but over 100 million pages have been created in Confluence. That’s 100 million pages filled with big ideas that have brought different teams together to work on a common goal, a few million that fueled debate or sparked joy, and thousands that have led to some team’s “next big thing”.

We spend so much time talking about, celebrating, or picking apart our final product and so little time acknowledging how far we’ve come to get there. In those 100 million pages, our customers, from NASA to Spotify, have accomplished some pretty big things. But we forget that all of those big, life-changing, world-revolutionizing things started with a single Confluence page.


illumina uses Confluence to manage their software development. Its teams have shaved days off their development process by using Confluence for collaboration, approvals, design, and keeping stakeholders in the loop.

Spotify needed to communicate effectively with their 1,600 employees that are distributed around the world. They started an intranet with a Confluence page.


Twitter has a service oriented culture and getting critical knowledge into the hands of their 4,000 employees was a problem they needed to solve. A knowledge base started within Confluence made it work.

It all started as a page

It’s not often enough that we get to celebrate the amazing things that you, our customers, do. So at this year’s Atlassian Summit in San Jose, we started gathering what crazy, cool, fun, revolutionary, or unique thing teams like yours have accomplished in Confluence, starting with a single page. We brought a graphic artist to turn your stories into art and document your accomplishments.

We heard from a variety of companies, from industry giants to small startups, who work in areas that range from banking to retail and even video gaming companies! The really amazing thing? Not only did we get to learn how you use Confluence to get shit done, it was truly inspiring to see how eyes lit up when people remembered just how far they had come from creating one single page to building something that was so much more.

atlassian_summit_2016_kasperskyKaspersky, an international cybersecurity and anti-virus provider, uses Confluence as their internal knowledge base. Created by their global support team, they have eliminated the need for email and chat, with all of their communication happening within Confluence!
DocuSign, a provider of electronic signature technology and exchanges of contracts and documents, uses Confluence (with Jira!) to manage web design requests for 8 global websites within DocuSign. They have created a source of truth where they can see all of their tickets, statuses, and request queue from one place.
Camerican, a leading supplier to the food industry, has a happiness meter within Confluence, created by their dev team. The 1-5 scale is used each week to gauge the well-being of team members. The team lead thinks greater happiness is related to knocking off more Jira tickets ?

With all of the great stories we have heard and illustrated, we decided to bring them to life by creating a mural made up of each individual one:


Pretty cool, huh? We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the great things you’re all doing, but also ask you to keep sharing. You’re all using Confluence to accomplish things that you should be proud of and we want to celebrate with you.

Tell us your story!

Our ask is that you submit your story on what great thing (anything!) you’ve created in Confluence that started as a page, here. As a token of our appreciation for sharing your story with us, we’ll send you an “It Started As A Page” t-shirt because, well, you deserve it.*


Happy story telling!

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All great things start as a page...