The way teams work together is fundamentally changing. The first shift came from bringing work out of hard drives and word documents and bringing them online. The next shift – and the biggest – is moving real-time collaboration from email and text-based documents to the dynamic world that today’s teams work in. To support the shift in the way teams work, we’re happy to announce the most powerful collaborative editing experience for teams is now available in Confluence.

From me work, to teamwork

Today teams work across multiple tools and geos, rely on different forms of content, and need to be in sync more than ever, faster than ever. However, the tools we use can often create silos that result in slowing the team down, and sometimes, it’s just not possible to be next to your team when you need to collaborate. Everyone needs access to the same information, and to work together to bring it all to life. Nothing slows a team down faster than having to wait for each contributor to make changes to something you’re working on, not to mention the countless emails sent back and forth coordinating each individual’s additions and changes. Thankfully, those days are long gone.

Confluence is open by default and offers a shared experience so no more inboxes that silo information and potentially leave with the individual. And now with the release of collaborative editing, Confluence combines the speed of creating on your own, with the advantages of working together. See who is editing the page with you, and see their changes in real time. Collaborative editing in Confluence uses shared drafts, so there’s no need to merge because you’re all working on the same page. Changes are automatically saved and synced so there’s no need to ever manually save. Your only decision is when to publish the changes.




Create with flexibility

While other tools might provide text and images, nothing compares with the power and flexibility of creating in Confluence. You can attach files (PDFs, Office Docs, images), embed dynamic content (Jira issues, Bitbucket links, Twitter streams), assign tasks, link across content, and access your favorite tools – Gliffy diagrams, Balsamiq mockups, MindMeister mind maps and more – all in one collaborative environment.


Confluence supports embedding and previewing many different file types, giving you the flexibility to work with anything you need. Having your tools available in one place means less context-switching, and more freedom to create whatever it is your team needs – meeting notes, requirements, project plans, documentation, together. You have all the power of the Confluence editor, with the speed of editing in real-time.


Share with complete confidence

One of the things that sets Confluence apart from other real-time editors is the separation between viewing a page and editing a page. Your audience can continue to read your page, without seeing your edits in real time. This is important when you’re working on policies, procedures or documentation, those times where most of your audience are just reading, not editing. With collaborative editing in Confluence, you can work as long as you want and only publish when you’re ready.


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Learn more about Confluence

Already using Confluence on your own server? If you’re hosting Confluence on your own servers, you can upgrade to the latest version to enable collaborative editing.

Already using Confluence in the cloud? If you’re using Confluence in the cloud, your administrator can enable it across your site. Visit the administration console → Look for “Collaborative Editing” near the bottom on the left panel. → Click the “turn on collaborative editing” button at the bottom of the page.

Collaborative editing in Confluence 6.0 will change the way your team works