Wil Sinclair from the Zend Framework contacted us a few weeks ago to let us know how he is using Atlassian products. Zend has the leading PHP framework with over 120 active Open Source developers. (For those of you who thought PHP is just a scripting language; Think Again.) I had heard that they have our tools (Jira, Confluence, Bamboo, Fisheye, Crucible and Crowd) but I didn’t know well they were set up.
The blog title refers to the Pirsig book that muses on quality and well reasoned maintenance. The Zend framework focuses on these same themes, but they move from philosophy into deep execution.
Check out this slick landing page from the Zend framework to guide contributors where they need to get started:


Every tool a commiter needs to effectively contribute to the framework is at their finger tips. They even have Crowd single sign-on access to switch between applications easily.
We at Atlassian love to help out projects like Wil’s develop quality code and give freely to hundreds of other projects besides the Zend Framework. We see in open source projects the same passion we have for high quality code and want to help other projects besides the Zend Framework.
Do you know of any Open Source Projects who could benefit from having Atlassian products?

Zend and The Art of Software Maintenance