I got an email today from a government customer, Brandi George of Brazos County in Texas. They had been watching our very first plugin of the month webinar with Dan Hardiker. We had many problems running that webinar, beginning with Dan’s late plane flight, which forced us to move the webinar back for an hour. Then there were audio problems. And the GotoWebinar admin panel was blocking part of the presentation. We felt so bad that we sent everyone who registered for the webinar an Atlassian Usual Suspects tshirt. Since everyone from our customer at Brazos County was on the call, we sent all of them a shirt.
Out of the blue last week I received than email from Brandi with the photo above attached to the email (they did all the PhotoShopping). I thought it was so cool, I had to post it here (Thanks, Brandi!):

Our team wanted to send our sincere thanks for the shirts. We have thoroughly enjoyed wearing them… almost as much as we enjoy using Confluence.
Brandi George
Brazos County

Will the Usual Suspects please line up