This week, Michele Martin and David Wilcox are running a Wiki Carnival to collect resources and answer questions on using social media and Web 2.0 tools in nonprofits.
They’re asking participants to either post directly to their wiki or email either of them at michelemartin [at] or david [at] Here’s what Michele and David are looking for:

  • Send links to any of your blog items that you believe should be linked in the wiki. Even better write a new item!
  • Send us a video or podcast or link related to using Web 2.0/social media tools that might be helpful. We’re particularly interested in real-world examples, case studies, etc.
  • Let us know what tags you use … maybe socialmedia, collaboration … then we can look for stuff you have bookmarked
  • Recommend other blogs, books, articles that you think will be useful.
  • Send us questions you’d like answered or ideas you have for resources that would be helpful to you in using social media with nonprofits.

What Michele and David are doing to gather and organize resources in one place is very worthwhile. It can be difficult to find the best information on a growing topic like social media since articles, blog posts, tags and links are spread in so many disparate places. Furthermore, they’re working to build a community of practice among those using social media tools like wiki, blogging and podcasting. We’ll all benefit from their work, so let’s pitch in and give them plenty of good material to work with!

Contribute to the social media & Web 2.0 Wiki Carnival!