Captain’s log. Winds out of the south today. Water calm. The crew has done yeoman’s work in organizing and running Atlassian Summit. Our commission: to regale over 500 attendees at our second annual user conference. Then, without warning… pirates! The Jolly Gliffy flag was drawn and all went dark.

That was the scene, sort of, at Atlassian Summit 2010 during the launchpad competition. The launchpad competition was a series of 5-minute lightning talks given by 13 sponsors at Atlassian Summit. We had billed it as a knock-down, drag out, no holds barred cage match between sponsors. We raised the stakes by offering free passes to AtlasCamp 2010 and extra promotion of the winner’s plugins or services. As if that wasn’t enough, we told the presenters that the winner of the competition would be selected American Idol-style via live audience polling.
With the stakes set and the tension high, the first ever Atlassian launchpad competition was underway. There were demos, videos, slide decks, and for the first few presenters, it appeared things would be close. That is, until the pirates came.
Now here’s the thing: when you see one technical presentation after another, you come to realize that they only way a presenter can truly differentiate his or her presentation is by dressing as a pirate. And that’s just what the good folks at Gliffy did. Taking the stage by storm, this scurrilous and dangerous crew gave a presentation to end all presentations. First, they revealed a secret treasure map that led the audience along a harrowing trail of new features and improvements in Gliffy 3.0 for Confluence and Jira. Then, they demonstrated new diagramming capabilities, a new template browser, and a very popular “Aaaargh” chart.

Honestly, this might just be the funniest video from Atlassian Summit 2010. You can watch all the launchpad presentations or jump to the Gliffy video.
Congratulations to Gliffy. In addition to the free passes to AtlasCamp, we’re going to toss in free treatment for scurvy and pirate rehabilitation counseling. Learn more about the new features announced at Atlassian Summit on the Confluence Product Blog.

When pirates attack: Gliffy at Atlassian Summit 2010