April 15th is the date to remember. In the US, it’s tax day. It’s also the date that the Summit early-bird pricing ends. After the 15th a ticket to Atlassian’s biggest event of the year will cost you $200 more.
And…this is an event that you don’t want to miss. One of the best parts of my job is that I get to plan our parties! And Summit is not only an amazing conference, in terms of opportunities for learning and networking, but it’s also a hell of a good time. Below are a few of our extra-curricular activities, including the parties ;-).
Sponsor Reception Cocktail party
This year we have 21 amazing sponsors! We’re going to be kicking off Summit with a little party to honor these sponsors. There will be beer, food and 21 booths where you can learn about some of the best integrated products and services our sponsors have to offer. This is a great time to chat with attendees, sponsors and Atlassians before the craziness begins. Special thanks to our platinum sponsor Customware.
Summit Bash!
This is the most fun Atlassian event of the year. And this year we’re hosting it a block away from the Intercontinental Hotel at Jillians (you can stumble home). I can’t give away too many of the surprises but I can tell you that there will be plenty of free drinks, games and entertainment. You might even have a chance to prove to 400+ people that just because you’re a geek doesn’t mean you’re not a rockstar….
Due to popular demand we’re bringing back our Support Heros. Last year AtlasBar was the place to get your burning product questions, issues and ideas addressed (and according to the support team, also a good place to ask where the bathroom is ;-)). This year we’ll have even more Atlassians staffing the bar throughout all of Thursday and Friday.
Charlie Lounge
Don’t have a specific support question but would like to meet up with a specific Atlassian? Charlie lounge will be an informal opportunity to sit down with Atlassians whose roles your interested in learning more about. For example if you’ve been emailing with Product Director, Audra Eng, for months but have never seen her face, this will be the place to put a face to a name and learn a little bit more about her and her role. We’ll be posting the participating staff and the correlating hours in the coming weeks.

What happens at Summit stays at Summit