Early last month, Atlassian held their second Doc Sprint event and what a fantastic event it was! While our first Doc Sprint focussed on developing tutorials for third-party developers of Atlassian’s software, our second event focussed on ‘Quick Start’ and ‘How to’ guides for users and administrators of our software.

We held this Doc Sprint in both Sydney and San Francisco again. Naturally, we expected a slightly different group of participants this time round, so of course we were thrilled by the sheer number of enthusiastic people who participated from around the globe – 28 in all, giving up to two days to write about how they make the most out of Atlassian’s products!


How we got started

In late August, we blogged about the event, outlined its background and focus, and asked prospective participants to sign up and specify a guide they’d like to focus on.

Participants living in or around Sydney or San Francisco met up with us at our Atlassian offices. Others were able to join us online!

What we tackled

Atlassian’s Technical Writers focus on getting new Atlassian product features documented. This means that we don’t have time to investigate all the different ways our customers use Atlassian’s products. In fact, the number of these use cases is potentially infinite!

That’s where our Doc Sprinters were able to help out. We gave our participants free reign to write a short guide about how they use one of Atlassian’s products or how they get the most out of it.

What we got

Using the Doc Sprint space in Atlassian’s own Confluence site which houses our product documentation, many participants collaborated with each other to spike a huge set of guides.

Together, we completed some impressive Quick Start and How to Guides, including guides for:

Many other guides developed at this Doc Sprint are still in draft form. Once we’ve reviewed them, we’ll incorporate their content into either our main documentation or the discussion spaces on our Confluence documentation site. Despite this, a fair number of our products were covered, including Jira, GreenHopper, Fisheye/Crucible, Bamboo and Jira Studio.

See our list of participants and what they did in our Hall of Fame. The retrospective also says what we thought of the experience. Incidentally, to all our participants, we haven’t forgotten about your T-Shirts – they’re currently in production! 🙂


Fun Stuff

We stuck to our chocolate haikus again – a popular hit from our first Doc Sprint! We even tried a chocolate wordsearch and a few quizzes!

While we’re at it, here’s some wise words from Daniel Green – our November Doc Sprint haiku winner:

No time to eat now.
Should be writing more content.
Too late, never mind.

Summing Up

Our Doc Sprinters were awesome for giving up their time to participate and write about how they use our products! Thanks to our event photographer Nick Mason and to Sarah Maddox and Matt Hodges for organising and uploading the event photos to Flickr.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who took part – big kudos to Matt Hodges for coordinating the operations in San Francisco and to all the Atlassian technical writers for their bit in organising the event. For those who couldn’t make it – see you next time!

What a fantastic Doc Sprint!