So I was looking at the calendar this morning, and I realized that Codegeist is scheduled to close *this Friday, October 9th*. And I asked myself, “Self, why in the world did you plan to end the contest on a Friday?!” Ending on a Friday eliminates a whole weekend of great hacking time, which something we would normally try to maximize.
So, we’ve decided to extend the deadline for Codegeist until Sunday night, October 18th. That’s just a few days before AtlasCamp, where were are going to announce the winners. (If you haven’t booked your ticket to AtlasCamp, now is the time!)
Ending on October 18th means that we’re going to have to work extra-hard to get the judging done. But it also means that we can give you all two extra weekends to polish your entries. I figured, if you are willing to you pull a few more all-nighters coding, then we can do the same with the judging.
So good luck, everyone and go get your entries in!

We're extending Codegeist by a week!