The Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time: How Booz
Allen Hamilton leverages Confluence and other Enterprise 2.0 tools

Our upcoming Voice of the Customer webinar will be presented by Walton Smith of Booz Allen Hamilton. Walton Smith is one of Booz Allen’s thought leaders in social media. Through his visionary approach, Mr. Smith led an internal corporate strategy engagement for Booz Allen’s entire Knowledge Management and Information Sharing Program, a cross-team effort to improve the flow of information through IT technologies including social networking and search. Mr. Smith was also responsible for the successful implementation of the firm’s first social networking platform called
This webinar gives you insights into the methodology behind how he has built an Integrated Enterprise 2.0 solution using Confluence, Crowd and other tools. Discover how Booz Allen applies enterprise 2.0 tools to support large scale projects and leverage capabilities in all markets, breaking down barriers for innovation and collaboration.
UPDATE: Video of this webinar is found here

Webinar with one of the nation’s oldest consultancies