This Friday we’ll host this month’s Plugin of the Month webinar with Bryce Day of Catch Limited. Bryce will show off the Enterprise Tester.
Enterprise Tester Large.PNG
Enterprise Tester is a web based Test Management tool that implements a world first integration with Sparx Systems, Enterprise Architect and Jira allowing automated test script creation from UML models saving the project team value time while providing a full end-to-end lifecycle solution. With an Ajax front-end allowing fantastic usability, an excellent feature set and pricing inline with Jira Enterprise, Tester continues to evolve on a monthly basis.
Enterprise Tester includes configurable dashboards, a full suite of reports, import & export of Scripts and Requirements and a drive for reusability which will reduce your project times while still ensuring high quality outputs. Enterprise Tester has been built to provide a flexible test management environment that allows teams to run Agile or traditional projects within the same tool. Integration with Jira for issue management makes it even more effective.

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