We’ve just put out an update for the Confluence WebDAV plugin. The WebDAV plugins allows you to access your Confluence server as though it were a Windows network drive. You can edit documents and attachments directly in Office, just like they were on a traditional shared drive. Version 1.1 contains lots of fixes, as well as one new feature, global configuration options:


You’re now able to prevent users from doing creates, edits or deletions on pages or attachments. WebDAV is very powerful, in that you can quickly upload or move lots of content. But it’s also a little risky, in that you could accidentally delete lots of content in one fell swoop. That’s why we added these permissions to allow admins to prevent that from happening.
You can also turn off some of the special features of the WebDAV plugin. Turning off the @versions and @exports features can speed up the performance of the plugin, as it no longer has to show you old versions of the page or PDF, HTML and Word exports of the Confluence pages.
This update is recommended for all WebDAV users, as it resolves several compatibility issues. If you find any new issues, or have feature requests, you can file them in the Jira project.
You’ll find the release notes here. You can install the WebDAV update via the plugin repository, or get the download directly here.

WebDAV 1.1 Released