It probably doesn’t surprise you to hear that building, testing and releasing software is pretty important for a software company. At Atlassian we do a lot of it – we’ve got scheduled builds, triggered builds, performance builds, tested-platform builds, and many many more. We manage it all with Bamboo and the rest of the Atlassian stack.
The developers rely on our build system to give them fast, accurate feedback on their work. When they make a change they need to know – quickly – if that change broke anything. When they want to release software it needs to be as easy as pushing a button. In other words, our build and release system has to be a low-friction, high-reliability machine. It absolutely needs to be like this because at Atlassian, we’re developing and releasing more software faster than ever before.
We need awesome people to make our build systems scale with our growth. Right now, our open positions in Sydney include:
* Build Engineering Lead
* Build Engineer
* Systems Engineer
If it’s not quite right for you, but you happen to know someone else who fits the bill, you’re in luck – if you refer them you’ll pocket $2000 if we hire them.
So if you’re experienced with software build and release systems, passionate about software, and ready for the challenge of your life, then we’d love to hear from you!

(And just in case you were wondering… We do run Bamboo’s builds with Bamboo, just like we track Jira’s issues with Jira, review Crucible’s code with Crucible, etc… No shortage of recursion here!)

Wanted: Build Engineers