Yesterday we ran a must-see Voice of the Customer webinar with Jeff Schilling, CTO of S1 Enterprise. S1 Enterprise is the leading provider of integrated front office software applications for financial institutions of all sizes.
Jeff, self proclaimed Atlassian fan-boy, started with an installation of Jira. His team liked it so much they decided to switch from their old wiki to Confluence. This opened the floodgates, and within 2 years, S1 Enterprise was using all but one of Atlassian’s product suite. In this short time, they had completely changed the agile methodology in which they developed. Interestingly enough, these new tools and processes simplified regulatory compliance reporting, and are accepted by S1 Enterprise’s rigid financial auditors.
This Voice of the Customer webinar yielded an excellent Q&A session with lots of tidbits including: financial regulatory compliance, Jira customization, Greenhopper’s value within Jira, Agile sprints and user stories, Agile adoption within the company as a whole, and much more. This Q&A session starts at the 32:50 mark. Watch the video now:

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Video: Agile with S1 Enterprise’s CTO