VertygoSLA.jpgAnyone using Jira for support or helpdesk purposes understands the importance meeting your SLAs. Earlier today, Eudes Nouvellon of Valiantys shared details of the VertygoSLA plugin for Jira, aka the November Plugin of the Month.
If you want to learn more, check out the VertygoSLA Plugin webinar recording over on the Atlassian News Blog.

VertygoSLA Plugin for Jira

This plugin is essential for helping organisations support their SLAs based on acknowledgement time or resolution time commitments. In Jira, a UI displays colour codes which allow you to manage, prioritise, and respect time commitments with your customers.
VertygoSLA Screenshot.jpg
To learn about this plugin and more, check out Atlassian TV for all of the Jira Plugin of the Month videos.

VertygoSLA: Commitment to your customers