We last mentioned the Universal Wiki Converter back in August, and I’m here to check in with a report from the field. The Universal Wiki Converter was, as we hoped, extremely popular. We’ve seen a lot of interest since we published it. We started with three conversion formats (TWiki, PMWIki and DokuWiki) and we just added a very popular fourth this week: MediaWiki. We also have three other converters in development right now that we hope to have ready fairly soon.
We’ve already heard from several customers who have used the converters successfully, and no doubt there are more examples out there. One of the most gratifying moments came when I was talking to a customer at the Office 2.0 Conference last week. They had just purchased Confluence, partly because we had been able to successfully convert their old wiki with the UWC. And we never would have known about that if I hadn’t run into that customer at the conference. So if you’ve used the UWC to convert a wiki in your organization, we’d love to hear about your experience.
Do you have some obscure, legacy wiki technology lying around, cluttering your datacenter, frustrating your IT folks? Wouldn’t you like to get all of that content into Confluence and be done with the old wiki forever? We’ve set up a voting page where you can tell us which converter packs you’d most like to see. Let your voice be heard! And keep an eye out—we’ll have more converter packs soon.

UWC Update