We are pleased to announce an updated Support Policy which aims to simplify Atlassian’s position and present a more consistent and accountable support service to our customers. In summary the main changes are:

  • We are committing 24×5 support for ALL products however non-critical issues (ie Severity L3 and L4) for products other than Jira and Confluence have only 16hrs coverage each day.
  • We have separated out and updated our position on bug fixes from feature requests
  • We now provide a clear and accountable policy for bug fixes
  • We now provide a clear and accountable policy for security fixes
  • We now provide a clear and accountable policy for when we will provide patches
  • We have clarified that we ONLY provide support for Supported configurations and Supported plug-ins
  • We are reinforcing a strict adherence to End of Life Policy
  • We have defined limitations on 3rd party application support and will be tagging all the third party config docs from our product documentation
  • We’re now promoting this document in a more centralized, public location and referencing it in documentation consistently.

In addition please look out for the following policy additions in the near future:

  • Published SLAs for each of our severity levels (expected by March of 2010)
  • Enforcement of the need for an active maintenance contract (expected by January of 2010)

Please take the time to review the updated Support Policy at


Updated Support Policy Released