VOTC megaphone logo.jpgFor the last year, I have been hosting an average of two webinars per month. There are two flavors of webinar: 1) ‘Plugin of the Month’ where a developer shows off their latest and greatest plugin(s) that work well with Atlassian products, and 2) ‘Voice of the Customer’ whereby a customer presents how they’re using our products to improve their day-to-day professional lives.
We have a few upcoming webinars that fit into the above categories. Whether you are a new customer, thinking of purchasing, or a seasoned Atlassian veteran, there’s something here for you:
5 Nov 2009 – Plugin of the Month: Scroll for Confluence
The Scroll Wiki Exporter turns your Confluence wiki into THE source for single source publishing. Please join us, when we speak with Tobias Anstett about Scroll’s single source publishing features and “Documentation 2.0.” Update: VIDEO HERE
11 Nov 2009 – Voice of the Customer: Agile with Jira, Fisheye, and other tools
Jira and Fisheye are an affordable combination for Agile SaaS companies. We will discuss how Backstop Solutions Group successfully manages a regular and rapid release cycle using Jira, Fisheye, and some other homegrown tools that they integrated with Jira. Update: VIDEO HERE
19 Nov 2009 – Plugin of the Month: VertygoSLA for Jira
VertygoSLA gives organizations the opportunity to support their SLAs (Service Level Agreement) based on acknowledgment time or resolution time commitments. Update: VIDEO HERE
For past webinars, please hop on over to Atlassian TV where you can sort videos by products and categories. For upcoming webinars, visit our events page. Got an interesting story to tell in a future webinar? Contact us.
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