I’m pleased to announce that we just released the newest version of the Universal Wiki Converter (full release notes). We’re up to version 50, and this release boasts a nice new set of user and developer features as well as improvements to existing wiki converters.

The Universal Wiki Converter (UWC) is a standalone application which converts pages from other wikis to Confluence. It’s also an extensible framework, allowing users with wikis that aren’t currently supported to add their own converters.

Among the list of new features, we have a new command line interface for those users who prefer to run headless. In addition, developers can now take advantage of the new labels handling framework. We’ve had requests for a way to directly modify page labels for ages, so I’m particularly pleased to be able to announce that. In addition, the TWiki converter module now has a hierarchy implementation using TWiki parent metadata, so conversions of TWiki will now maintain child-parent relationships.

Also exciting is the amount of user submitted code going out this iteration. In particular, I want to highlight:

The UWC has a flourishing open-source community, and we’d like to encourage users to continue contributing code and submitting bug reports. If you’re interested in submitting code to the project, or you find yourself needing some advice regarding your conversion, the UWC Forum is a good place to reach out.

We also have some more features in the pipeline for upcoming releases. I can’t get into details at this time, but we’re probably going to be able to release an XWiki Converter Module in a couple of weeks, and there are a couple of new developer frameworks that will be released with it.

See the Universal Wiki Converter page for downloads, documentation, and details.

Universal Wiki Converter v50 released!