Last week we launched The Ultimate Wallboard Contest, Atlassian’s search to find the best information radiators and wallboards.  The goal was to see how your team displays critical team information, what kind of information you tracked and why its important to you.  Boy, did the community answer our call.

As of today, we’ve got 27 killer entries of all shapes and sizes – from fancy high-tech to traditional old-school to even one hybrid of both kinds.  We’ve been impressed with the creative customization and darn cool ways that teams stay up-to-date. In case you don’t believe us, check out the wallboard entries yourself.

Get in on the action

Not excited yet? How about the chance to win a 55″ HDTV and more awesome prizes?

As you can see from the full contest timeline, there are 3 weeks remaining to submit your entry, solicit votes for your wallboard and vote on other entries.  Our Community Favorite Award is based purely on community voting so get busy!


The Ultimate Wallboard Contest: 1 week down, 3 to go