Atlassian hosted a launch party for most of the Startup Bus crew last night. Over 40 people, many just meeting for the first time, gathered to get their survival kits*, eat, drink and talk about the next 48 hours on the road. We’re happy to sponsor the Bus and we’re keeping an eye on it as it makes its way to SXSW.
Now here’s the fun part. Not only can you follow their Twitter stream here or become a fan on Facebook, you can also track their code commits. Every time they make a code commit via Jira Studio, it’s geotagged and displayed on an interactive Google Map on their website. Nice!
The Startup Bus SxSWi 2010 blog.jpg

The party pics

* Survival kit included water, granola bar, an apple, a Confluence t-shirt, product brochure, bottle opener, beer koozie, water and Tic Tac breath mints.

The Startup Bus is rolling!