A few months back we released a new Dynamic Tasklist macro for Confluence. We’re back at it again, this time with our eye on accomplishing 3 main goals:

  1. A clean UI that fits in with the Confluence look and feel
  2. A far more responsive UI
  3. Something our product manager would feel good about bundling with Confluence

After quite a bit of effort by our graphics designers, web designers and myself I think we have accomplished all of our goals.  The new look is clean, consistent and intuitive.  The performance has been improved by an order of magnitude, where it once might have taken 2 or 3 seconds to mark a task as complete and refresh the list, now it happens in tenths of a second.  All other list operations have seen similar performance boosts.

Additional Notes

There are a few minor things that should be taken note of:

  • The main tasklist macro is now {tasklist} instead of {dynamictasklist}.  This means that all {dynamictasklist} macros will be converted to {tasklist} macros and users can create macros by simply specifying {tasklist:My Tasklist}.  We made this change because the goal of this plugin has always been to replace the legacy {tasklist} and {dynamictasklist} macros.
  • The taskname is no longer clickable to activate edit mode – we found this less than intuitive and in some cases really fouled things up – when clicking on a link in a taskname, for example.
  • There is a new macro parameter, width, which allows you to set the width of the tasklist to whatever size you like – {tasklist:My Tasks|width=100%} or {tasklist:My Tasks|width=500px}
  • This version of the tasklist requires Confluence 2.8 to work.

Future Plans

There are still requests out for adding for information to the main task line and we’re not ignoring you.  These will likely come in a future version as options that can be enabled per tasklist.  The way that most people seem to use the tasklist is as simple todo lists or checklists.  We will examine adding more functionality – due dates, detailed comments, and optionally having the assignee on the main task line – to make it more suitable for use as a simple planning tool in a future release.  Alternatively, if you just can’t wait and you’re a Java developer, feel free to checkout the code and scratch your itch!

Not a developer?  No problem!  If there is a feature you really wish was there but isn’t or you have some other improvement or bug you’d like to see fixed we’d love to hear about it.  Just file a feature, improvement or issue request in this projects Jira and we’ll do our best to get it into a future release.

The new Tasklist macro