manlydamplants-19december2009-013-650px2-withrightborder.jpgWe’ve just published the big list of Atlassian gadgets. It shows all our gadgets, where they come from and where you can put them.

Want to display your Bamboo plan summary on your Jira dashboard? Or your Fisheye charts on a Confluence page? The big list tells you how. There are gadgets that show information from Confluence, Jira, GreenHopper, Bamboo, Fisheye, Crucible and Clover. I’ve just counted – there are 35 gadgets on the list!

Are you wondering what the picture on the left has to do with gadgets? Nothing at all, except that it’s pretty. I took the photograph in the Manly Dam Reserve, somewhere near this big green arrow. It was early morning, soon after a summer rainstorm. The fierce Ozzie sun had found this twig but had not yet burned off the raindrops.

The big list of Atlassian gadgets