In early March we opened up the Atlassian documentation to the wider community:

  • We added a CC-by (Creative Commons Attribution) license to our product documentation.
  • We invited people to contribute to our documentation after signing an Atlassian Contributor License Agreement (ACLA).

At that stage, the ACLA was just starting its three-month trial. The trial period has now ended, and we’re delighted to say:

It’s a go!

Here’s what happened during the trial and what will happen next.

Results of the trial period

People have put a lot of care and thought into the updates they made. We have not seen a single instance of vandalism, nor even of incorrect information. Of course, we had expected nothing less than the highest standard.


We’re hoping that more people will sign up, now that the trial period is over. Also, the Jira documentation has now moved onto the wiki for Jira 4.0 Beta and later versions. So ACLA contributors will be able to update the Jira docs as well.

We’ve had enthusiastic feedback and interest from Atlassians, the community contributors and other tweeters and blog readers.

The ACLA procedures have worked well. We considered automating the currently manual signup process, but this is not necessary at this stage. From our point of view, we can handle the current flow of applications manually. From the applicants’ point of view, there have been very few comments about the procedure itself. In fact, one blogger said that it isn’t too intense. Thank you Jeff!

Contributor stats

We collected these statistics at the end of the trial period:

Number of signed-up contributors:  7
Number of updates:  9 pages updated, by 4 contributors
Documentation updated:  Confluence, Jira and Atlassian Plugin Framework

The above figures are based on:

  • Updates to documentation spaces only, not the extension, developer network or community discussion spaces. As a by-the-way: Our ACLA contributors are very active in the latter spaces, making frequent comments and page updates.
  • Updates made within the trial period only (March to May 2009).
  • Page updates only, not comments, attachments or news items.

What’s next

A few people (nine, at the moment) have permission to update our documentation spaces, but have not yet signed up to the ACLA. We have written to them individually, asking them to sign up in order to keep their update permissions.

On Friday 14 August, we’ll remove the update permissions on the affected wiki spaces for anyone who has not signed up to the ACLA. The ACLA affects the product documentation spaces only. We will not change any existing permissions for the Developer Network (DEVNET), nor the plugin extension spaces (CONFEXT, JiraEXT, BAMEXT or CROWDEXT), nor any of the non-documentation spaces on the same wiki. The list of affected spaces is on the ACLA page.

If you have any questions about the ACLA, please don’t hesitate to contact the Atlassian technical writing team (

If you’d like to contribute to our documentation, you can download the ACLA here.

You are rockstars

Congratulations to everyone who has signed up so far. If you haven’t yet, we’d love to hear from you. Most of all, thank you to the people who have updated our documentation during the trial period, and also to everyone contributing to the Confluence wiki on an ongoing basis. You are rockstars!

The Atlassian Contributor License Agreement comes of age