We’re heading for the Codegeist finish line: only nine days left to submit your entries.
And since it’s coming down to the wire, we wanted to give all of you frantically-coding plugin developers one more chance to get help on your Codegeist entries before the end of the contest. So we’re going to do a short Developer Chat next week. It will be held at:

  • 5pm, Tuesday March 14th, San Francisco Time, which is
  • 1am, Wednesday, March 15th GMT, which is
  • 12pm, Wednesday March 15th, Sydney Time

Find your local time here.
We’re going to be trying out our brand new Wildfire chat server which can be found at http://chat.atlassian.com/ You can log in using an anonymous web account, or you can use your jabber-compliant IM client. There are instructions for using either method.
We’ll have several of our developers online to answer your Codegeist questions. So bring your best and we’ll try to help you put the final polish on your entry.
(The Atlassian chat rooms are going to be a permanent fixture. You’re welcome to use it before and after the official time, if you like. But there may or may not be anyone from Atlassian there.)

Ten Nine Days left for Codegeist; Atlassian Developer Chat next week