If you’ve ever submitted a Support Request to Atlassian Support, you’ve probably submitted your system environment to us as well to help with diagnosing your issue. The system info pages have been evolving over the years to provide us answers to common questions such as what OS you’re on, how many issues does your Jira have, what plugins you have installed–in short, it assists in minimizing e-mail ping-pong with customers without compromising anything confidential.

After years of collecting this, I thought it’d be interesting to share with curious Atlassian users what kind of environments we see in Support. To play along and see how you fit into these numbers, check out your System Information page under Admin > System Info.

A few caveats:

  • The collection is collected to the end of 2008.
  • Repeated support requests from the same customer could bias the results.
  • This isn’t a survey, it’s merely what we see in support.
  • The data is collected from Jira and Confluence support issues only.

And now, some food for thought:

Popular Operating Systems

Windows 2000 is slowing in popularity with Windows 2003 taking its place. Linux has always been popular and remains a heavy favorite. Fear not, the group of XP users are likely evaluators.


Where do customers store their data?

The database of choice for many seems to be MySQL, and SQL Server. Glad to see that HSQL is dropping off for Confluence as we don’t recommend that for production.


Popular Jira Plugins

Jira has an active plugin community that allows new functionality to be extended into Jira. This is a list of what we see installed (I’ve removed most bundled ones to be fair here). Perhaps you may discover a new one to try from this? A larger pic can be found here.

JVM Vendors


JVM Versions

The minor version numbers have been merged.


System Architecture

Most users run on low-cost architectures.


App Servers

To be fair, we bundle Tomcat with our Standalone edition of Jira and Confluence. It’s probably the most well tested and least problematic due to the large amount of users on it. JBoss reports itself as Tomcat.

Jira and Confluence combined

So you think you’ve got lots of issues?

You may be wondering how your Jira instance issue count compare with others we’ve seen.

  • 90% (Red) of support users had 24,000 issues or less.
  • 5% (Green) of support users had over 40,000 issues.
  • Issues with 20 or less were removed as those were likely evaluations.
Issue count per unique Jira Server

System Environments in Support