Tucked away innocuously on the Summit agenda is a little ol’ session we’re calling the Launchpad Event Competition. If you like American Gladiator or any similar Neanderthalish programming, you should like our Launchpad event, which will feature the brawn, brains and beauty (yes, beauty) of the Summit Sponsors.
The Launchpad event features our Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsors giving 5-minute lightning talks on a product or plugin. You, the audience, will be voting on the best presentation… and booing down the bad ones.

Rules… we don’t need no stinkin’ rules

There are a few rules we have for the participants:

  • 5-Minute demo/presentation
  • Must be a product or feature, no services
  • No hitting below the belt; eye gouging is frowned upon
  • Extra points if you give your presentation while talking like a pirate

You’re invited!
Join us at Atlassian Summit from June 9-11 in San Francisco as hundreds of our customers and partners from around the world join us for case studies, networking, training, plugin demos and more… Register today.

(Summit preview) Launch pad competition