Wow, what an event!!
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Maybe it was the double-decker keynotes, or the 30 mind-opening breakout sessions, or the 13-company launchpad event, or the day-of-the-new-iPhone energy (and lines) surrounding the AtlasBar, or the 550 customers, partners and Atlassians wandering the halls, or the fact that Tom Cruise was hanging around, but there was just something magical in the air at Summit 2010 this year. It was, in a single word, epic!
Summit sold out nearly two months early, and there were nearly 200 of you that jumped on the waiting list in hopes of securing a spot. Unfortunately, we can’t bring all of you the networking, the incredible energy in the halls between sessions, the chance to meet the 50 or so Atlassians on hand to answer your questions, the ice-cold beer or the dozens of other things that makes being there indescribable, but we can give you the content that helped make the event such a smash. And we’ve been scrambling since Summit ended Friday to do just that.
So grab a bucket of popcorn, sit back and soak up as much of Summit 2010 as you can. Simply visit:
As a warm up, here’s the opening video that kicked it all off this year:

We hope to see everyone for Summit 2011 next year!!

Summit 2010: the boxset