Help us spread the word about Atlassian Codegeist! While it may slightly lower your odds of winning first prize, you’ll make up for it by having more new plugins that will make your life easier in the future. Isn’t that worth it?
If you are a member of any technical user-groups (JUGs, LUGs, MUGs and the like) please mention the contest where it’s appropriate. And you can publicize the contest to your co-workers, colleagues and fellow students with these flyers we’ve posted. Print them out and tack them on your cube, the department bulletin board, or in the loo (the ultimate captive audience.)
There’s also a logo, if you want to mention the contest on your blog. (All you kids today have blogs, right?) A quick pointer back to the Codegeist home page would be huge.
Thanks for your help!

Spread the word about Codegeist