We have a big project being undertaken right now to improve the install and upgrade experience. We hear time and time again that this is a major pain point for our customers and are focusing on trying to alleviate this for both Jira and Confluence.

Part of the goals for this project is to introduce guided installers for our two most deployed operating systems being Linux and Windows. Jira already supports a Windows (.exe) package which offers a standard wizard driven user interface. However on Linux it is more common for production systems to be non-GUI based. As such the video below demonstrates the early stages of a console guided install we’ve developed for Linux OS flavours.

The Linux installer is a .bin package chosen for its interactive and non-distro specific usage. We generated both our Windows and Linux packages using Install4J from from E-J Technologies. We evaluated several approaches for creating a Linux installer including native Linux packages (.rpm, .deb) and several tools for building installers. Install4j proved to be the most flexible and allows us to reuse common code across platforms (the team from E-J Tech have been awesome in assisting us during our project!).

Our guided install packages for both Windows and Linux now support the following features:

  1. Elevated privileges support on Windows UAC
  2. Special Jira user account creation and secure folder permissions on Linux (available in EAP 4)
  3. Prompts for Install and Home (Data) folders
  4. Option to install Jira as a service
  5. Select the port that Jira will run on
  6. Unattended (silent) install mode by passing in a previous install log

Atlassian has recently released Jira 4.4 EAP 3 and this milestone includes the Linux guided installer that we will be improving as we lead up to the final release of Jira 4.4. We are releasing these enhancements incrementally to capture input early in the cycle. We’d love for you to test this with your data in a non-production environment and provide us with all your feedback.

Oh, there’s one more thing. You may have caught a glimpse of a revised Jira Setup Wizard at the end of the video. We are really excited about this and many other improvements we are adding, and will update you on our progress in future posts.

Sneak Preview: Jira 4.4 Linux Installer