It hasn’t taken long for Skitch to become part of our team’s kit-bag and vocabulary – so much that we’ve even coined a term for when skitch gets used to shame someone into fixing problems with their work.
I proposed the following definition, backed up with examples on our internal blog recently:

(v) skitchslap: the act of denigrating something by annotating a screenshot or image of it, using skitch.
“Man, my CSS didn’t work in IE7 – got majorly skitchslapped for it”.
For example, this
was an attempt to vent my frustration at ThePlugin not telling me why it couldn’t connect to Crucible.
Sometimes a skitchslap requires the arrow tool to help over emphasize the point
or my personal favourite:
A couple of well placed circles over a shot:
is often enough to leave a developer feeling like they’ve just been ‘Barry Halled’:
Skitchslapping is by no means, nor should it be limited to our own software. Charles has already taken a lead here with this little gem:

In posting this, I knew I’d receive at least a bit of skitchslapping, but wasn’t quite prepared for what did ensue:


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