Hey all, just a quick note here to let everybody know that we’ve released a new version of the Plugin SDK, version 3.3. The full release notes are available in Confluence as usual, but I just wanted to highlight a new feature that many people had asked for: atlas-run-standalone.
The Plugin SDK has always made it easy to quickly start up a local, testing instance of any of our products, with your plugin automatically installed. This is great when you have a plugin you’re developing and testing, but let’s say you don’t have a plugin you’re working on and you just want to start up a product… The best general way to do this in the past was something like:

  • atlas-create-refapp-plugin
  • Enter some dummy names and values for the plugin archetype generation process
  • Change directories to your new dummy plugin project
  • atlas-run --product <productname>

Now all you need to do is:

  • atlas-run-standalone --product <productname>

Note that the new command takes all the same parameters that atlas-run accepts, so you can specify a product version, HTTP port, etc.

Release Announcement: Atlassian Plugin SDK (AMPS) v3.3