Atlassians in San Francisco and Sydney recently participated in the Cancer Council’s Relay for Life events at Burlingame and Macquarie University. Relay for Life takes place outdoor over the course of one night to raise funds for the various regional Cancer Councils. Funds raised are directed to increasing awareness of the risks of cancer, cancer treatment and research programs, and providing assistance to those diagnosed with cancer as well as the survivors. For a history of the Relay you may wish to read the Wikipedia entry.
We were excited to receive our Relay for Life certificate this week — turns out that at $29,329 Atlassian & Sundry were the team with the highest fundraising contribution for the Macquarie University Relay. This was largely due to the Atlassian Foundation matching our efforts three dollars to every one dollar we raised in honour of our dear friend and colleague Jeffrey Walker.
Thank you to all the participants at the Macquarie University and Burlingame Relays, I look forward to joining you once again in 2010!

Relay for Life – 2009