In a bizarre twist of fate, we have managed to release a beta version of our documentation before our beta version of Jira 2.1.
Jeff, (our documentation guy and current maintainer of the Apache Forrest project, and all round top bloke), has been hard at work converting our docs to Forrest format, and adding in fresh content. Please note that these docs are still beta, but will be completed before the 2.1 release.
You can find the new docs here:
h3. Features
– You can now get any document as PDF, or get the whole docs as one large PDF here:
h3. Interesting New Docs
Read about how some of the new issue security feature will work:
Documentation on the highly configurable dashboard:
How to connect the standalone to an external database:
h3. Feedback
If you have any comments or suggestions, we’d “love to hear”: which features of Jira you haven’t heard about, or find hard to configure.

Preview Documentation available for Jira 2.1