Pecha Kucha (pronounced peh-chak-cha) is Japanese for chit-chat. This model offers a lively presentation format for sharing ideas: 20 slides displayed for 20 seconds per person, or approximately 6 minutes 40 seconds each. Please see a Pecha Kucha video for an overview.
Join forces with a local group of experts to discuss implementation of and best practice models for their wikis. Many of the participants will talk about Confluence, but a handful of other wikis will be highlighted as well. It is not a chat about wiki products, but the way individuals have applied collaboration and engagement techniques to foster communication, streamline workflows, and promote the exchange of ideas. The presentations will center on technological configuration, wiki architecture, deployment of wikis, and methods for fostering and growing knowledge spaces across organizations and our professional associations.
The event will be held in Washington DC Thursday, May 14, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM EST
For more information, please go here.

Pecha Kucha: Confluence Lightning Talks