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Taking advantage of Atlassian’s community license program for non-profit organisations, they have deployed and integrated the entire suite of Atlassian tools as part of their ongoing effort to adopt agile development practices and deliver software more efficiently.
At Atlassian Summit 2010, Tristan Mayshark of PBS shared the story of how his team deployed and adopted Atlassian tools for:

  • Backlog management, iteration planning and daily standups(Jira & GreenHopper)
  • Continuous integration, unit testing, functional testing (Bamboo)
  • Code review (Crucible & Fisheye)
  • Internal and externally-facing documentation and collaboration (Confluence)
  • Reporting and visibility (OpenSocial Dashboards)

Check out the video recording of Tristan’s session at Summit:

The slides from this presentation are also available for viewing and downloading on the Atlassian Summit 2010 website.

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Summit 2010 Highlights – PBS Goes Agile with Atlassian tools