This Jira Database Values Plugin, about which more here and here, has been a valuable addition to the Jira ecosystem for quite some time. This plugin allows you to create a custom field that uses data from a separate data source.
The original author is planning to move on to other projects, but this remains a very useful plugin for Jira users. I’m putting the question out to the community to see if anyone would like to become the plugins’ new maintainer.
Maintaining a plugin usually isn’t very hard. The main task is confirming that it works with each new release of Jira and making any modifications necessary to maintain compatibility. You also would be responsible for responding to any issues in Jira (a few per month) and answering the occasional question for users. If you had more ambitious plans for new features, that would be welcome too, but is certainly not required.
If anyone is interested in becoming the maintainer for this popular plugin, just drop me a line.

One plugin looking for a good home!