We’ve had a few cool plugins added to the Plugin Libraries recently, and I wanted to point them out here in case you missed them.

The NextGen IM Presence Plugin

Confluence has long been able to show your instant message presence status inside of a page, at least for certain networks. But David Peterson has just released a newly updated IM Presence Plugin that now integrates with all of the major IM networks: AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, GTalk, ICQ and Skype. We’ve also added Wildfire presence as well, since that’s what we use internally.

Because of the way that MSN and the Jabber-based services work, there is now some additional configuration required. To get presence from those services, you must first create a dummy user on the network and tell the plugin to log in as that user. Whenever someone attempts to show presence information from a new team-member, the dummy user will request permissions from that user through the IM network. The team-membermust grant permission before Confluence will be able to report any presence info. However, after you’ve completely that operation, it will work as smoothly as the other services which actually publish presence info.
This new plugin supersedes all the previous, individual IM macros and will eventually replace the ones shipping in Confluence. However, the plugin keys don’t overlap, so if you want to start using the new on immediately, you can.
See the New Code Macro and the Jira Calendar Plugin after the jump.

The New Code Macro

Mike wrote a new code formatting macro using the DreamProjects Syntax Highlighter that is way cooler than the old one. Just look at the screenshot. Check out more examples here.

The syntax highlighting is much better, it adds line numbers automatically, can collapse the code sample, and it allows you to only print subsets of the content.

The Jira Calendar Plugin

Hamish Barney wrote a Calendar Plugin for Jira that allows you to drop a calendar as a portlet or a project tab inside Jira. You can even subscribe to the calendar with your iCal-compatible client. It will show tasks with due-dates and versions with release dates. Take a look at the screenshot:

New plugins worth noting